By the Water’s Edge: Lakes

What’s a pirate’s favorite letter?
You think it’s Arrrr but it’s really the C!

If you had met me a little over a year ago, I’d have told you I never wanted to live by a lake. Well, I mean, I wouldn’t have opened with that. It’s not like I would have said, “I’m Sasha and I never want to live by a lake.” And to be honest, it wouldn’t have even likely come up during the entirety of our friendship because if you think about it, not many people really talk about whether they want to live by a lake or not. If you do, let’s chat! We can talk about how opinions of lakes change or don’t.

So back to where I was at… I was not a huge fan of lakes. The void and sheer depth of lakes kinda freaked me out. Outside of Bend, Oregon, where I grew up, there are many lakes. Many days of my childhood we’d take a 30 minute drive out to Elk Lake, inner tubes in tow, and get sunburnt while dangling our legs in the lake. My sisters and I would dive down, seeing who could go further down, who could hold our breath longest. I never feared the lake. That was, until I was about 11 and one of my friends said, while she was lounging on a hot rubber tire,

“Don’t fall in. They’ll grab your legs.”

What would get my legs? What was in the water?

Turns out? Monsters. Sea monsters. At that moment all I wanted was dry sand beneath my feet and my asthma inhaler. I never saw the sea monsters, but that fear stuck with me, just a little.

Then, last December, we trekked up to a town outside Seattle, Washington for Jeremiah’s cousin’s wedding. Instead of driving up and down in one day, we chose to stay the night at an Airbnb. In years past, I made all the arrangements for travel – especially hotels and lodging. This time, I was bummed because I was missing my favorite shelter’s holiday fundraiser by attending the wedding. So, I asked Jeremiah that if he wanted to go, to make the arrangements and I’d keep out of it. So, he did. And so we arrived on a December afternoon to a house on a lake: Morton Lake. First of all, I’ve had some touch-and-go experiences with Airbnb but this was stellar. The house was gorgeous, the yard was amazing, but most of all, the view was incredible.

Lake Morton is a small lake, but that night, while we sat in their hot tub, we could see the reflection of Christmas lights on the water from homes across the way. The air was cool, but clear. I had never been so enchanted by a lake. And it was then that I decided I would love to live by a lake; I went so far as to check out real estate up in Washington, knowing full well I wanted to escape the rain.

Since we’ve been on our journey, we’ve gotten to see some beautiful lakes, and each time I’m reminded of how people can change. One moment can have long-lasting effects, such as being told there are sea monsters that can grab your legs. But there are other moments, such as that peaceful evening I sat watching the stars and the Christmas lights on the reflection of the water that can also change someone. Life isn’t static, and it’s okay to evolve.

Maybe one day we’ll live on a lake, in a brick-and-mortar home, with a garden of tomatoes and hollyhocks. For now, we park our Home on Wheels by the waters edge.

2 thoughts on “By the Water’s Edge: Lakes

  1. I have goosebumps after reading the last portion of your blog. And… an urge to sit and watch the sunset over a lake this evening. Weather and time being prohibitive I shall settle for watching the sun on our back yard pond.

  2. I think we will go down to our lake side and get a fire going & have a toast to Junior and sausage ?

    Yes……. I know……. most people call it a pond……. but we will be thinking of y,all.

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