A Normal Week in our RV

I wanted to write a blog this week- and, uh, last week too. It is, after all, what I do on Mondays. However, I started writing a novel two weeks ago – and it’s about all I’ve been doing. I’m obsessed. I woke up on a Wednesday morning, started researching, and today I had about 31-thousand words, and another billion words of research notes. It’s fun, and I figure I have the time… so why not?

So, I didn’t do a lot this past week to warrant a blog. When I first started this blog, I googled, “What to write about in a blog.” The major takeaway was that to write, you had to actually do something to be worth writing about. That’s fair. You probably don’t want to know what we had for dinner last night and you don’t want to hear how we exercise while in an RV…

And then Jeremiah reminded me, maybe you do want to know what we had for dinner last week or how incredibly ridiculous I look while working out inside of a metal tube.

So, without further ado: a recap of the last week.

All the things we ate

Jeremiah claimed Monday night as his cooking night, so he made us Egg Fu Young and it was delicious. (I had requested it the week before.) I would have taken a picture, but I inhaled it.

On Tuesday we grabbed pizza for lunch down in Deep Ellum Texas, and we thought the middle-sized pizza would feed us for dinner, too. That’s an understatment.

After eating 3 pizza meals in a row…

The rest of the week we tried some new recipes intermingled with some old staples. I give Jeremiah 10-15 entree ideas & the same number of sides. He mixes and matches them to come out with his ideal five meals, so if the combinations are weird, blame him.

We put together some teriyaki chicken and grilled corn on the cob. One night we tried an Open Faced Steak Sandwich with Polenta. (My vote was for brusssel sprouts, which we’re having tonight with chicken curry.)

Sad Chorizo

The next night we used up the polenta by frying it and pairing it with Cazuela de Garbanzos Con Chorizo. The store was out of the good chorizo so we had this weird rubbery meat soup, essentially. It, uh, wasn’t my favorite. So I froze the rest. This way I can tell myself, We’ll eat this later. Spoiler: We won’t eat it. Last night we ordered food in – hot wings, of course – which was the first time we’ve ever ordered food in to our motorhome. I felt both awesome and guilty. I’m over the guilt. You can only feel so guilty while eating french fries.

Winner of a recipe

Now, the real winner meal of the week was a lunch called Burnt Stuff. This included Burned-barbecued chicken thighs and Burned garlic toast. The recipe is actually super easy: season your chicken thighs and put it over a hot flame. Close the lid. Walk away. Come back. Flip the chicken. Grimace at that side and shake your head. Walk away. Come back too late. Swear. Put bread on the same grill while taking the chicken inside to “rest.” When you get back, the bread will be a perfect char. Dig in!

I was going to make a couple different desserts, but I realized I bit off more than I wanted to chew, so I made a shortcake that we had with peaches and blueberries. It’s calorie free if the fruit has vitamins, which is common sense. This week our kitchen is stocked with apples, so I’m thinking an apple cobbler might be on the menu, although apple cider beignets sound might tasty.

Working out in the RV

If you struggle to work out on your own because you don’t have a gym or enough room or some other excuse, recognize that it’s just that: an excuse. I was making excuses for why I wasn’t working out as well, and then I thought okay, enough is enough, time to get bikini-model fit! No. That’s not going to happen. Not even close.

What is actually happening is I’m using dumbells to counteract a small portion of the calories I consume.

Jeremiah’s favorite part of my workout is when I do jump squats in the bedroom. The section between the bed and the front-tv wall is exactly enough space to squat. I have to move the fan blades each time I work out to be placed on either side of my head or I’m hitting my noggin. Now, the reason Jeremiah loves it so much is that the entire house shakes each time I jump, so he has a mini heart attack every few days when I deem them necessary. I’ve been doing those without weights, but today I’m adding dumbbells to them so he’s in for a great surprise.

Truthfully, I try to time my dumbbell workouts – especially legs day – with when Jeremiah is out of the HOW since it does shake it. I’m not apologetic though. When I see all the people riding their golf carts around the RV park, I think to myself, don’t let that be you. The other part of my workout is consuming a gallon of water a day paired with at least 2 cups of coffee. That way, I’m getting my steps in by walking to and from the bathroom as much as possible.

I know this might not be that exciting to read, but it’s an average, normal week in our RV. It’s a good example of what our lives are like on the road. After all, this is real life.

Tune in next week for another exciting blog called, “This week was a lot of the same stuff as last week.”

2 thoughts on “A Normal Week in our RV

  1. While maybe not riveting, I did enjoy your blog. If nothing else I intend to steal some of your recipe ideas and learn from your successes and failures. So thank you and keep shaking the house!!! Question…. how does Bernadette respond to the leaping about?

    1. She doesn’t care at all. However, when I do any ab work/floor work, she likes to lie right beside me. It’s very cute. And very difficult to do anything.

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