Finding a Place to Stay

Prologue: Well. I wrote this blog once already and somehow I didn’t save it. When I asked Jeremiah yesterday if he could read over it, lo-and-behold, I showed him a blank word document. After that, I said loudly, “I’m going to burn this computer. I want nothing to do with that blog. I hate it. I hate that blog.” So. Here we are. You’re reading the blog I already wrote and then re-wrote. So, if you sense a bit of animosity, it’s directed at this blog, not at you, reader. Without further ado… Ahem.

We winged it. We didn’t make RV park reservations until we really needed them. And when we went to do that? Well, it was too late. Really too late.

For the first time, it almost bit us in the heiny, not making reservations for a spot to park our Home on Wheels.

No reservations? No biggie. …Right?

Last week, once we had called all the RV parks in the area, after Jeremiah found out he’d be having major back surgery in mid-October, and with a date to leave our current RV park on September 24th, we were out of luck. Nobody had space for us.

Jeremiah said to me, “Don’t stress. We have plenty of options.”

So, in my true put-your-stress-aside-and-listen mode, I said with a stern voice that I use only when I really mean it, “Please tell me what they are. I am bad at thinking creatively or thinking outside the box.” (I am. I’m really bad at it. I can do some creative writing but when it comes to “real life” I follow all the rules. I’m not innovative. Period.)

That’s when he paused. And I realized he had said it without really having a backup. His ideas that he volunteered, skipping around from park-to-park for a night or week here or there, and some state parks for 14-days were the exact ideas I had.

Problem is, he’s going to be healing for surgery, so I wasn’t totally sure how great that idea was. But I thought, okay. It’s fine. We’ll make due with short stays, even though they tend to be expensive.

The next day, someone at an RV park called Jeremiah back and said they did have an opening for us after all. We took it! Just like that, no worries.

After he hung up the phone, Jeremiah said, “That’s a weight off!”

“I wasn’t worried,” I replied. “Were you?”

“A little,” he said. “I thought you were lying yesterday when you said you weren’t going to worry.”

“It wouldn’t have changed anything,” I said, and high-fived him since we had a place to stay.

About an hour later, the park we’ve been staying at nearly 2 months called and let us know they actually did have an opening now. Did we want it? We did not, since the place we’re going to is about half as expensive, and we’re ready for a change of scenery.

Going stir-crazy

Two months in one place is a long time in a motorhome. It’s a lot longer than we wanted to be anywhere, but life is ridiculous, isn’t it? We also didn’t want Jeremiah to be having major back surgery, and he is, and we can’t stress or fret about it, because in the end, we’ll be okay. And if anything doesn’t go to plan, we’ll still be alright.

Next? Boondocking in the middle of nowhere

We’re getting a little stir-crazy, and when I asked Jeremiah where he’d like to go once he’s healed in several months, his reply was “Anywhere.” And I feel the same way. I think we’ll probably go out in to the boonies, find some desert, and park on some BLM land for a while. No reservations needed.

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