Our goals for 2020

With about half a dozen blog post drafts waiting to be finished, this will be the final blog of the year for us.

2019 was the first full year of being on the road, having started traveling in November of 2018. We’ve officially traveled through all the seasons of the year, and Jeremiah has acclimated to warm weather. The human who always wore cargo shorts, sandals, and t-shirts in any occasion is now the owner of three sweatshirts and has openly discussed buying a pair of jeans.

Goals for 2020 and beyond

As we slide into 2020, we have a few goals. To us, this isn’t the same as resolutions – we don’t think we need to start doing something on January 1st just because it’s the new year. It can be a great jumping-off point though.

Home on Wheels Goals – we’ve had some long standing issues with the front wall slide, and are aiming to have that fixed once and for all. We’ve had an RV mechanic work on it, and we’ve spent several hours of trying to improve it, many hours of research and chatting on forums, and some brainstorming on how to fix it, but it continues to be a thorn in our side. That’s our big fix it issue, and aside from that, we have very few maintenance issues.

Travel goals – we’d like to travel up to Canada and Alaska. We may put this on hold if we decide to settle down on some land. (We’re looking for the perfect place!) We rushed so much when we first started out, trying to get to all the states, and now we’re a little slower.

Sasha’s goals – get an agent for my current manuscript, and write out the next novel she has planned that is outlined.

Jeremiah’s goals – he’s been working on a travel app called to help us with our route planning as we RV across the US in our home on wheels, and so he’d like to start having beta users to see if it’s something that other people would find useful as well.

Bernadette has not given us her list of goals yet, so we’ll assume it’s to continue chasing cats.

Where to next?

We’ll be starting 2020 in California, which isn’t so far from where we left over a year ago. Our Christmas holiday season was spent here in the Bay area with some of our dearest friends. This explains the lack of blog posts, since we’ve been busy spending time with them. (We covered a LOT of ground since that last month we were in Dallas, Texas.) We don’t know where we’re going from here, or even when we’re leaving. Got any ideas if we leave in early February?

If you have goals or resolutions for this upcoming year, what are they? Any travel plans on the horizon?

Happy 2020!

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