Two Years in Retrospect: 24 months of Full-Time RV Life

The past two years have made up about 5% of our life. 

Each day is just one tiny fraction of the years we’ve spent on this earth. And yet, we have so many memories.

We thought it would be fun to give a visual representation of our months on the road, which all began on November 3, 2018. Yes. Two years.

24 months: 24 memories

Year One

November 2018

We drove into a fiery sunset our first night on the road, shortly after I ripped off the door handle to the entrance to our home on wheels.

December 2018

Our first Christmas on the road. We woke up to waves and warm weather: adult Christmas magic, as Jeremiah put it. Parking our motorhome directly on the South Padre beach in Texas was our most impressive memory from December 2018. 

Boondocking on BLM land in Texas

January 2019

We got our shades replaced in MCD in Texas! That might seem boring to you, but it changed our RV a lot. We definitely feel more comfortable in it now that the blinds actually go down. 

Choosing the color for our shades

February 2019

In February, we discovered Buc-ees, and the Dallas Farmers Market. Deep Ellum in Dallas is one of our favorite spots to find good food. 

March 2019

After sitting an hour outside of Dallas for about 6 weeks, we were able to hit the road again. Lake Bob Sandlin Park awaited us, with its beautiful trails (yay!) and numerous ticks (gross!)

April 2019

In April, only five months after taking to full time RV life, we crossed off a huge bucket list item for both of us: swimming with the manatees. It was an unforgettable experience. You can read more about it here

Swimming with manatees!

May 2019

Florida got really hot, so we skedaddled out and headed North to see our good friends in Maryland, just making it in time for Memorial Day weekend. 

June 2019

We got soaked in a rainstorm on a hike in the Smoky Mountain National Park and saw a bear with two cubs!

Three bears in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

A hot summer on the road! July, August, September

July 2019

Chicago! Deep dish pizza, and the Field Museum. We could have easily spent a full extra day there exploring it, but we had some tourist stops to make. 

The Field Museum T-Rex: Sue!

August 2019

The month I discovered 30 stray cats in a parking lot outside Fort Worth, Texas. That was weird. We also found the Fort Worth water gardens. Less weird. Cool. 

Fort Worth Water Gardens

September 2019

Potentially the least memorable and most “normal” month of our first year on the road. The first time we ever ordered food delivery to our motorhome! 

Our first delivery food to our motorhome

A slow-progress autumn

October 2019

This was a very tough month. Jeremiah underwent a 360 ALIF surgery, and we spent another month outside Dallas as he began walking and recovering. 

Jeremiah has come so far in a year after this surgery. <3

November 2019

One year as full-timers! This feels like yesterday. Migrated over to Arizona, where we toured the light show there, and we finally caved by buying jackets for cooler weather. 

The Tuscon lightshow

December 2019

California! Spent the holidays with friends in the bay area, getting there just in time to celebrate Jeremiah’s friend’s birthday. They’ve been friends since they were 13, and we spent Christmas with them, eating homemade pasta and laughing and talking. Did I mention there was cheese and wine?

Year Two

January 2020

A day in San Francisco! Oh yeah, I also went to the hospital because I couldn’t breathe.

A wonderful day in San Francisco with some of our pals

February 2020

Mexico street dogs and street tacos. We loved both of them. We’ll go back to Mexico one day, after the pandemic, of course. 

Street tacos in Mexico: yes please.

And now, everything since Covid-19

March 2020

The pandemic hit, and the bay closed down the day after we arrived back there to spend more time with friends. We cooked a lot, took a lot of walks, and waited. 

I’ve since had plenty of practice making these fluffy crispy-bottomed buns. My fav meal.

April 2020

It was time to escape the bay. In Oregon, we watched as deer, turkeys, and rabbits the size of turkeys scampered through our Sutherlin campsite.

May 2020

Loving the wildlife, we took an afternoon drive through Wildlife safari. I went there as a kid, and it was just as cool as an adult. The animals roam free, separated only so that no animals gets accidentally eaten by another one.

June 2020

Our first moochdocking: hunkering down at Jeremiah’s folk’s parents. Bernadette waded in a pond every day, refusing to swim, but finally catching a bullfrog. Gross. 

July 2020

A discovery of a very salty bay, that smelled fairly putrid. We had several socially distanced get-togethers, complete with take-out, the new dinner-out solution. 

August 2020

Our first time boondocking in so long. We spent time on the loneliest highway in America, sitting outside after dinner to watch bats and birds swoop down for tiny bugs. The high desert felt good in Nevada. 

September 2020

Moab. Need I say more? 

October 2020

A month of traveling! Found out that Missouri is beautiful, and the weather in October is not too shabby. Least favorite memory: when Bernie fought and killed a racoon. 

November 2020

Two full years on the road! So far this month, we’ve been to Tennesee, Alabama, Georgia, and Missouri – but we have a new floor for our biggest slide! Wahoo! The last floor in our motorhome had become warped wood and no longer functioned right. 

This floor had seen better days.

A memory each month – there you have it! 

Stay tuned for our maintenance log that we’ll be uploading shortly in a separate blog – detailing all the work we’ve had done on or performed ourselves over the last two-ish years. (We did do a little bit of work before hitting the road a full timers, so that’s closer to twenty five months.)

Come on our Adventure with Us!

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  1. Thank you for those recollections and the photos to compliment them. Wonderful, priceless and at times pricey memories.

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