Gift Suggestions for RVers

It’s the holidays! Like, Christmas is the day after tomorrow… and this is definitely late, but I figured I’d share some things that I legit love that would make some good gifts for the RV traveler in your life. (Or for yourself!)

Below are just a handful of things I can’t live without.

  1. Noise-canceling headphones. I don’t care about the brand, but if you’re working in a small space with your partner, you need them. We both have Sony noise-canceling ones.

    When the pandemic hit, a lot of people were suddenly working remotely in a small space with their partner; that’s old hat to us. Every couple of years, Jeremiah invests in a new pair and I gladly take the hand-me-downs. Again, choose your own brand. I don’t care. I’m not selling them.

  2. Non-terry cloth towels. Towels that shrink up into small little pockets and dry out quickly. When I have a “regular” house, I will continue to use these. They never smell like mildew, they dry quickly, they’re super absorbent, and they don’t take up as much space as many towels. Jeremiah prefers “regular” towels but I enjoy microfiber bath towels.

  3. Humidifier. This is pretty specific to me. I have skin like an old paper bag, so I need as much humidity as I can get. This isn’t true for most RVers, apparently, who often talk about needing a de-humidifier. For us, we use those specific-area desiccants where moisture collects and use the humidifier in our bedroom.  
  4. Our five-year journal. The journal says a “line a day” so even when I don’t write directly about our day, I’ll put where we are. It’s fun to look back on and compare where I am today to two years ago. I mean, I could live without it, but I really enjoy it.

  5. A really comfortable but not heinous sweatshirt. Mornings can be really cold in the RV. The insulation of a house and an RV can just never be comparable. I have a really soft sweatshirt that I have beside the bed and throw on as soon as I get up. Having that incredibly cozy fabric envelop me feels like a little gift in the morning. Again, I’m not a stickler for brands, but I happened to get the coziest cutest sweatshirts at Costco. Yeah, I’m fancy like that.
  6. Shower bombs. Like bath bombs, but smaller and for the shower. Pretty self-explanatory. I miss having a bath, so this is like a nice spa-option.  Not ideal for the RVer who boondocks full time though, because you have to use more water for the shower bomb to break down.

  7. Fairy lights. Our motorhome can feel dark pretty quickly if we have any of our shades down. Fairy lights make it feel cozier while adding some extra lighting. I got some acorn ones from a friend and they add just the right touch to my workspace. And, they’re ideal for Autumn and Winter. (I am such a sucker for orangey-brown anything. Blankets. Clothing. Fairy Lights)

  8. Socks. Good socks. Jeremiah is smart; he only buys the same black socks so that he never has to be annoyed with losing one. I will never do that and always opt for colorful socks. Thin wool socks are a lifesaver because honestly? I can wear them for more than one day in a row. I also have notoriously unsmelly not-sweaty feet, so I can get away with that. Wool socks hold up better when we’re boondocking since we won’t do laundry out in the middle of the desert. (Have I told you I actually miss the desert right now?)

That’s it. I know. I was hoping I’d have some monumental list of ten items that you could use as a guide to gift suggestions for fellow RVers, but I wasn’t going to stretch it out needlessly. I do have a separate post from last year (or maybe from the 43rd month of 2020, who knows) in which I talk about things we love for space-saving in a small home.

I hope you, your families, and your friends are staying safe this holiday season. Merry Christmas! Catch you all next week in a wrap of 2020.

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