Short Travel Stories from an Anxious Traveler

I just thought I’d stop by for our blog readers to let y’all know that while I haven’t kept up our blog as much now that we’re not full-time traveling, I still write a travel story newsletter every week.

You can find it right …HERE!

The stories might not all be new to you, like the story of us swimming with manatees, but they’re all fresh new words, delayed perspective, and new sentences. I’d love it if you want to read them. 🙂

Recently, I talked about fireflies, a beautiful bookstore, and Coca-cola covered concrete. I would sincerely love for you to read my travel stories, mostly so I can stop hounding my parents to read and re-read my pieces.

See you over there – and yes, I’ll keep this going, especially as soon as we hit the road most consistently again.

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