About Us!

We’re a mid-thirties couple that grew tired of the status quo – and we’re excited to be out adventuring.

Jeremiah: The constant tinkerer – never fully satisfied with the coach, or his life. Continally improving. Throws ideas to the wind and runs with them without a second thought. Lover of fine foods and too much sweet tea. Thinks the term “technomad” is as bad as “synergy” but embraces it. 

Sasha: Barista turned Business Gal. Lover of dogs. Doesn’t exist in the day without a cup of coffee. Will break anything you give her, will never follow any instructions, but insist she’ll improve. We’re still seeing if she will. When camping, can’t laugh between the hours of 10pm and 7am because it’s louder than any generator.

Bernadette: A little black dog, but she’s pretty fat – we’re working on that. She’s still getting used to RV life – she’s more frantic than Sasha most days. If you see her on a walk, her nose is to the ground – there are just so many things to sniff! (Her favorite command is, “Sniff this!”)  Slobbers to the point of making puddles and lakes if we leave her alone without toys or chews.

The Beginning

It was a late July afternoon, during a lunch hour. The two of us were stopping at a local coffee shop when Jeremiah turned to Sasha and said something along the lines of, “What if we sold everything, and bought an RV and traveled the US?”  Her response? “Yes.”

And within 3 months we had bought an RV, Sasha had quit her job, Jeremiah had gone full remote-work, we had sold the house, and we were on the road. (Those three months were the longest!) 

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